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about vezapp Foundry

VEZAPP FOUNDRY is our unique innovation and the first of its kind in the world, which allows small and mid-scale foundries to collect data from the shop floor directly via mobile apps.

Small and mid-scale foundries are lacking in digitization because of the unavailability of affordable and user-friendly solutions. Not any more now VEZAPP empowers small and mid-scale foundries to achieve paperless shop floor reporting within a week's time which many foundries not able to achieve in many years despite spending millions.

VEZAPP offers ancient foundry technologies to adopt modern Android, iOS, and Web applications to use across the top to bottom level. Traceability, accountability, and real-time data collection from the shop floor is now a reality without investing in any further new hardware or machine.

Think beyond paper and excel – the future is in your hand!


features of vezapp FOUNDRY

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    • Data you generate – Data you enter
    • One-time data entry – no data redundancies
    • Performance evaluation of individual output
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    Performance Efficiency

    • Easy monitoring of shift, date, user wise data and output
    • Batch, rejection, heat code wise analytics
    • Efficiency, OEE and other custom KPI
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    Foundry Adoption

    • Inbuilt Foundry operation
    • Allows uploading your master files of parts & other masters
    • Possible interface with accounting & ERP software
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    Real Time Data

    • Allows to submit data offline
    • No dependency on server, physical location
    • Advance QR code, GPS location, RFID enabled apps
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    Date Security

    • User’s will be able to see minimal required details
    • Critical, drawing, vital information of customer data not visible to all
    • Customizes user access rights
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    • Email, chat and call away
    • Additional customization possible with our foundry expertise
    • New Apps can be availed on demand to expand the further scope


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